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Rules apply for everything this server is linked to!

on Fri Mar 23, 2018 11:04 pm
Rule's are as followed:Chat Rules: • Do not spam spam in chat • Do not argue in chat, or cause arguments • No promoting any other bot company! • Do not write in all caps • Do not abuse others with your rank you are given • Use the channels appropriately • No posting inappropriate pics/videos. (this includes: 18+ material or irrrelevent images/videos) • Admins, Moderators & Helpers have authority to do their jobs, respect that • Our Admins, Moderators & Helpers have direct contact with Owners, if you have any questions, ask them • Any sort of harassment towards players or staff will result in a permanent kick or ban • If a player is uncomfortable with the words you are using, please attempt to defer from using them. • Do not spam staff members or players on the Discord server in any way. This includes messaging and spam-joining channels. • Do not post or share other server Discord links • Don't Spam Any Bot • Be logical, if you think something will get you banned, don't do it • No sending personal info of yourself or others(edited) Voice Channel Rules: • No racism or bullying towards others • No irritating or unacceptibly loud noises/mic spamming which may bother other users • If a user is bothering you alot in Voice Channel, don't hesistate to right click on the users name and mute them. This will prevent just you from hearing them. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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