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on Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:03 pm

Founder: TwitchLockpick Twisted Evil

Owner: eCarry <----- His is purple because if I didnt he said he would beat me up! confused confused confused confused

Co-Owner: (Needed) afro afro

Head Admin: (Needed) jocolor

Head Admin: (Needed) queen

Sr.Admin (Needed) king

Sr.Admin (Needed) geek

Sr.Admin (Needed) elephant

Sr.Admin (Needed) scratch

Sr.Admin (Needed) lol!

Sr.Admin (Needed) albino

Jr.Admin: (Needed cherry

Jr.Admin: (Needed santa

Jr.Admin: (Needed albino

Jr.Admin: (Needed afro

Jr.Admin: (Needed lol!

Jr.Admin: (Needed rendeer

Admin: (Needed) affraid

Admin: (Needed) Basketball

Admin: (Needed) alien

Admin: (Needed) cat

Admin: (Needed) pale

Admin: (Needed) Sleep

Head Mod: (Xlapiz) drunken

Head Mod: (Needed) drunken

Sr.Mod: (Needed) Twisted Evil

Sr.Mod: (Needed) Evil or Very Mad

Sr.Mod: (Needed) Embarassed

Sr.Mod: (Needed) Crying or Very sad

Sr.Mod: (Needed) Idea

Sr.Mod: (Needed) Arrow

Jr.Mod: (Needed) silent

Jr.Mod: (Needed) affraid

Jr.Mod: (Needed) pale

Jr.Mod: (Needed) Sleep

Jr.Mod: (Needed) Like a Star @ heaven

Jr.Mod: (Needed) Twisted Evil

Mod: (Needed) Suspect

Mod: (Needed) Exclamation

Mod: (Needed) Question Crying or Very sad

Mod: (Needed) @

Mod: (Needed) Neutral

Mod: (Needed) Evil or Very Mad

Sr.Helper: (Needed) Suspect

Sr.Helper: (Needed) silent cat

Sr.Helper: (Needed) silent

Sr.Helper: (Needed) cat

Sr.Helper: (Needed) Rolling Eyes

Sr.Helper: (Needed) Wink

Jr.Helper: (Needed) Evil or Very Mad

Jr.Helper: (Needed) confused

Jr.Helper: (Needed) monkey

Jr.Helper: (Needed) santa

Jr.Helper: (Needed) albino

Jr.Helper: (Needed) pale

Helper: (Needed) cat

Helper: (Needed) jocolor

Helper: (Needed) drunken

Helper: (Needed) cheers

Helper: (Needed) afro

Helper: (Needed) flower

Helper: (Needed) lol!

Helper: (Needed) Evil or Very Mad
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